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Visual Studio 2008 Update

For those developers who are using the SocketTools .NET Edition or SocketTools Secure .NET Edition and have downloaded Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, we’ve released an updated version of the assemblies built using Visual Studio 2008 that target the 3.5 Framework. This is a free update that is available to all developers who are currently using SocketTools 5.0:

Download Visual Studio 2008 Update

It is important to note that Visual Studio 2008 is currently a beta release, and should only be used for testing and evaluation purposes. We don’t recommended that you install it on your primary development system. Instead, you should either install it on a test system, or download Virtual PC 2007 and install it on a virtual machine.

The archive that you download contains a ReadMe file that explains the steps that you need to take to install the updated SocketTools assemblies. When Visual Studio 2008 is released, a new version of the SocketTools .NET installer will also be published which contains the current version of these assemblies and example programs. If you experience any problems or have any questions, please visit our technical support forums at

New SocketWrench Tutorial

We’ve released an updated version of the SocketWrench Tutorial we originally made for the ActiveX control and Visual Basic. This new version uses the SocketWrench .NET component with Visual Studio 2005, and we believe that it is easier to read and understand, focusing on the developer who is new to Internet programming. The tutorial is divided into two general sections. The first section provides a broad overview of the concepts and terminology behind Internet programming. This includes topics on the network protocols, the domain name system, and the general design structure of a client-server application. We also include information about data encryption and certificate management using the standard SSL/TLS security protocols.
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